Plant a tree with us

Our next Plant a Tree event 

Our next Plant a Tree event will take place on the 26, October 2024 and 15, February 2025 at Brookvale Wood in Ratby, Leicestershire. Slots will run from 9.30am - 12.30pm and you can book as an individual, couple, family or groups of up to 12. Ticket options available are:

Individual = £40

Couple = £60

Family = £99

Group = £300

If you require any further information please email: 

See below for more information.

Join us for a planting event

Get hands on with creating the National Forest and come and plant your tree with us. Our Plant a Tree events offer a friendly, and enjoyable experience at which you can celebrate and remember whilst contributing to the continuing growth of our Forest. You will be warmly welcomed by our special team, who are always on hand to offer advice, answer questions and help make your day special.

Where you'll be planting

Our events take place during the planting season, from November to March, at our Brookvale Wood site in Ratby, Leicestershire. Brookvale Wood is a growing woodland, just a short drive from the M1, with year-round public access. It is a rural location and the route to the planting area (about a 15 minute walk) includes crossing school playing fields and uneven grassy paths which can be muddy. As such, this site may not be suitable for people with limited mobility.


Your experience 

On arrival at Brookvale Wood you will be greeted at our reception by members of our team. After checking in with them, you will be directed to the planting field where further members of the team await your arrival. Following a brief introduction, you will be invited to select your young sapling of around 30cm tall, from a range of native broadleaf species available, and guided to the planting area. Our team are there to help make your day a memorable one so if you have any questions, please ask!

The saplings available to choose from


The wise old oak tree. A symbol of strength and survival, this sacred species provides rich habitats for wildlife, with many enjoying its falling acorns as a food source.


With its wonderful red buds, beautiful bark spine, and large heart-shaped green leaves, the lime is perfect for birds and insects. Particularly, it is a favourite of the endangered honey bee.


The leaves of the magical hazel tree turn yellow in autumn, covering our landscape in colour before creating a beautiful yellow pathway when they fall. A species perfect for dormice and caterpillars.

Silver Birch

The birch trees light open canopy provides the perfect conditions for bluebells, violets, grass and moss to thrive on the Forest floor. You may also find a nesting bird or two inside its trunk.


A rowan tree can live up to 200 years. Its flowers grow in dense clusters of cream and white, and after pollination, develop into striking red fruits - a rich source of food for wildlife.

Wild Cherry

The leaves of a wild cherry tree change colour throughout the year, creating a beautiful year-round display. Beginning with a deep green before fading into orange and a deep crimson in autumn.

Join us

So join us at one of our planting events, and take part in planting a tree in the National Forest. 

Recommended wear

Our events take place in spring and autumn - seasons of unpredictable weather and site conditions. As such, suitable clothing and footwear is essential, with coats, wellies and umbrellas all strongly recommended. You're welcome to bring your own spade (no forks please) and don't forget a camera to capture the moment. We do ask that in the interests of bio-security, please bring clean equipment, shoes and clothing.