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Please contact us if you are interested in dedicating a landscape tree in the National Forest.

As we continue to plant trees and work towards creating a third of established Forest habitat, we are offering the opportunity to support the planting of a landscape tree as your contribution to the creation of the National Forest. 

‘Landscape trees’ are individual trees planted within a protective crate that help to create a distinctive parkland landscape.

By dedicating a landscape tree, in your name or the name of a loved one, you will be supporting the establishment of new woodland and helping to secure the long-term future of the Forest for everyone.

How it works

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    Get in touch with us for more information

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    Confirm your interest in dedicating

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    Order and pay for your dedication

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    Confirm wording for your personalised plaque

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    We'll plant your tree for you

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    Come and visit your tree at a dedication day


Helping to grow the Forest

Whatever your reason for dedicating a landscape tree, you’ll be supporting us to continue to grow the National Forest so that people and nature can thrive

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