Developing a sustainable destination


Developing the National Forest as a sustainable destination

Our work goes beyond trees. We are demonstrating real change in a real place. A taste of the future that’s greener, healthier and more sustainable. Our Tourism Growth Plan (2017 – 2027) builds on 30 years of successful partnership working, and outlines strategies to grow sustainable tourism together in the National Forest. 

What does sustainable tourism look like in the National Forest?

Nature, society and the economy are interdependent and will only thrive if they work together and not against each other. A positive future is possible – and we can show it’s happening, here and now. We believe sustainability is achievable, with tourism businesses working to minimise their carbon footprint, greening their services, supporting the wildlife and habitats in the National Forest.

Investing in sustainable tourism accommodation

We have produced a new design guide for sustainable tourism accommodation development that is targeted at landowners, operators, investors and developers. The guide sets out a rationale for encouraging new and retrofitted tourist accommodation development that will help to create a distinctive National Forest character and sense of place, and that can contribute to a net zero carbon future.

Help and support available

Sign up to our new Accelerator Programme to receive tailored support.  Our team of specialist advisors can help you with advisory visits, grants and will also be available to support projects that are ready for full feasibility and business case development. 

Please complete a Project Concept Form which can be submitted at any time.

Sustainable Tourism Grants

The Sustainable Tourism Grants scheme is designed to support tourism businesses to grow tourism responsibly, and to encourage them to invest wisely to create a greener future for the sector. Developing sustainable tourism aligns with the National Forest’s 25-year vision for the Forest to be a place where people and nature can work together to grow a positive future.

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