5 ways to go green this Halloween

Halloween is the time of year where we all dash to find the perfect pumpkin, adorn our houses with spooky decorations and gather an abundance of sweet treats! But this year – why not take time to consider the environment first? Halloween is one of the most wasteful times of the year, however, there are some simple things we can all do to get in the spirit this year without causing a shock to the planet! Whether you live in the National Forest or elsewhere, here are our top tips for an environmentally friendly Halloween to help create a positive future for everyone.

15 Oct 2021

Buy Local

When buying a pumpkin, it’s easy to nip to your nearest supermarket, but why not support your local businesses instead? There are a variety of farms in the National Forest which offer locally grown pumpkins, such as Cattows Farm based in Leicestershire, home to one of the largest pumpkin patches in the UK, offering over 40 varieties of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. Snarestone Farm are also a local grower based in Swadlincote who offer some of the largest varieties in the area. By buying your pumpkins locally you are not only giving local businesses a helping hand but reducing your food miles and getting better quality pumpkin too!

Homemade Decorations

Halloween decorations are often made of non-recyclable materials, so why not ditch the plastic this year and go for something a bit more au naturelle? Homemade decorations can be a great alternative. Synthetic wool can be used to create spider webs, painting your pumpkins rather than carving them can make a stylish but spooky addition to a fireplace, using candles instead of lights will save energy and create an eerie atmosphere too! And if you’re not the crafty type and do prefer to buy decorations, try to purchase more eco-friendly and sustainable items from your local businesses, such as wreaths, wicker pumpkins, and paper skeletons. The likelihood is that these will last longer and can be saved for the next year or recycled. All easy ways to bring the spookiness to your home, without burdening the planet.

Homebaked Treats

Instead of buying an abundance of sweets and cakes this year, why not avoid the wrappers and packaging, and bake your own scary treats instead? Halloween biscuits instead of sweets are a great alternative and are bound to make you the go-to house for trick-or-treaters! Or if you’re planning on throwing party, pumpkin cupcakes, toffee apples and meringue ghosts are the must haves for a frightful feast this year! However, if you’re not the avid baker, then try to resort to locally produced goodies and look for those that have eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Reuse, buy less

It can be difficult at this time of year to resist the allure of the Halloween aisle in the supermarket but spare a thought for the planet and the amount of extra plastic and non-recycle items you’ll be accumulating, before adding the plastic skeletons and cauldrons to your basket this year. Instead try to reuse any items you have from previous years and make your own Halloween costumes from clothing you already own. There are lots of tutorials online for inspiration for DIY costumes you can make at home. Or why not swap with your friends or buy second-hand costumes! Better still if you have unwanted decorations and costumes why not donate them to charity and let someone else enjoy them.  

Recycle your pumpkin

Recycling is the key to a green Halloween! Most pumpkins in the UK are purchased at this time of year and can mean a lot of pumpkin waste is left behind when the Halloween festivities are over. Pumpkins can be recycled in many ways, from using the inside to make a delicious soup or pie, or slicing it up and leaving it out in your garden - which wildlife will thank you for, especially as food sources become harder to find this time of year! However, the most simple and easy thing you can do is to make sure you don’t throw it away and put it on the compost instead. This way you won’t be adding to the millions of pumpkins that end of in landfill each year and contribute to harmful emissions. Pumpkins are 90% water and are full of nutrients making them perfect fertilizer for your garden.


Follow all these tips and you’re sure to have a ghoulishly good time without the footprint, whilst helping to change the future of Halloween!

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