FatFace launch new clothing collection inspired by the National Forest

This International Day of Forests we’re delighted to announce that as part of our partnership with top fashion retailer FatFace, we’ve collaborated on a new spring clothing range, inspired by the National Forest.  

20 Mar 2023

The National Forest collection includes designs and prints based on the wildlife, flora and the industrial heritage of the National Forest and features hand sketched florals, whimsical prints and utility styles, designed by FatFace’s in-house artists and designers.  

The collaboration is a celebration of our 75-year partnership with FatFace, which began in 2021, where 60,000 trees were planted at our Minorca Woods site as part of an innovative carbon storage project, highlighting FatFace’s commitment to the environment and to a greener future.  

The collection includes a women’s, men’s and children’s version which will be available online and in FatFace stores and will feature imagery shot on location at Feanedock Woodlands in the National Forest.  

Sustainability has also been considered in the creation of the collection, with clothing made from responsibly sourced cotton and prints created digitally, giving greater depth of colour, whilst reducing water consumption and wastage of materials. 

Pieces from the collection include a floral midi dress, which boasts bright woodland florals, a leaf printed shirt and a wildlife inspired t-shirt, featuring illustrations such as a barn owl, noctule bat and stag beetle.

A woman in a long, floaty blue dress with flowers on stands in the middle of a path. She has a matching bandana on her head.

Kate Brown, Product Director, FatFace said: 

“We are delighted to have collaborated with the National Forest on this incredible range. Our partnership started a few years ago as a key cornerstone of our sustainability strategy and we were so inspired by everything we saw in the forest and learned about its heritage; we felt a product collaboration was an exciting next step. The collection draws from the mining heritage of The National Forest using workwear influenced styling, balanced with the beauty of nature returning to the heart of our country.  The prints are hand drawn and completely unique, and we were determined to create the range as responsibly as we can while still delivering the perfect fit and quality for our customers.” 

John Everitt, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, said: 

“Partnering with FatFace on this new clothing range demonstrates our shared commitment to sustainability and quality. From trees and carbon to biodiversity and wellbeing, the partnership is literally growing from strength to strength. 

And through this collection we are excited to have such a well-loved brand as FatFace tell the story of the National Forest to a much wider audience – demonstrating how we have turned this place from Black to Green and are creating a sustainable destination for more people to come and be inspired.” 

You can view the full National Forest clothing collection online or by visiting your local FatFace store.  

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