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National Forest Arts Grant funds new commissions unveiled as part of Into the Outwoods Sculpture Trail

We’re pleased to announce that through the support of a National Forest Arts Grant, ArtSpace has recently launched Into the Outwoods Sculpture Trail located at the Outwoods in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. 

14 Jun 2022

The trail focuses on the theme of ‘Harmony and Healing for the Planet and People’, aiming to promote personal and community wellbeing and increase awareness of environmental sustainability. 

The trail features 70 tree people, which line the 1¼ woodland trail, and along the way you will also discover willow bees, dragonflies, ceramic birds, giant woodlice and much more – which aim to celebrate biodiversity, as well as exploring concerns around habitat loss and climate change.  

The Arts Grant has helped to fund some of the artists commissions along the trail, including ‘Message in a Bottle’, a series of 9ft willow bottles by Nita Rao, adorned with prayer flags carrying messages to and from the earth, sculptures inspired by species inhabiting the Outwoods by Lisa Denham and ‘Shoal’, using upcycled textiles inspired by the pre-historic landscape of Beacon Hill by Sarah Green.   

‘Wonderful Woodlice’ will present clay sculptures made by children during workshops, where they will learn about the lifecycle of woodlice and the vital role they play in the ecosystem.

A fallen tree in the forest covered with lots of clay woodlice with varying sizes, shapes and shells..

Tony Thory from ArtSpace said: “2022 is a time for reflection, healing and hope, and we’ve created a space and opportunity for this to occur. The sculpture trail’s theme ‘Harmony and Healing for Planet and People’, aims to promote personal and community wellbeing and increase awareness of environmental sustainability and draw links between the two.” 

A local visitor to the trail, said: “It’s wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting. Inspiring and thought-provoking and my two-year-old grandchild loved looking for the tiny people.” 

Into the Outwoods sculpture trail is open to visitors dawn to dusk until 24th July and is free to enter. To find out more about the workshops and to find dates and times visit the ArtSpace website.  

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