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The National Forest partners with FatFace as part of a 75-year carbon storage scheme

We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with top fashion retailer FatFace as part of an inspiring partnership, to plant 60,000 trees that will grow and store carbon for the next 75 years.

10 Dec 2021

Colleagues from both organisations recently gathered at Minorca Woods in Measham, where members of the FatFace team planted the first trees, which will form part of the new woodland. To mark the event a celebratory wooden plaque, made from native sweet chestnut, was exchanged and will be displayed at FatFace’s headquarters.

People in warm coats, wellies, and woolly hats put cardboard tree guards around newly planted saplings.

Will Crumbie, chief executive of FatFace, said: “This project is an important cornerstone of the FatFace strategy to become carbon neutral by 2025. The National Forest Company is a great, like-minded partner where we have managed to create something that will make a meaningful long-term change to the environment.”

John Everitt, chief executive of the NFC, said: “It’s exciting to work with a company like FatFace that is committed to not simply ticking a box on carbon but to use the opportunity to support the creation of a new woodland, benefiting wildlife and communities for generations to come. It is vital that businesses – that we all – consider carbon reduction first, and offsetting second.”

FatFace’s tree planting initiative involves planting 60,000 trees on 40 hectares at Minorca Woods, a new area of woodland creation extending over a total of 150 hectares at Measham, Leicestershire. The site has been restored following deep mine activity throughout the 20th century and more recently open cast mining. As this new large area of woodland and other habitat develops it will connect with established existing woodland nearby to create larger and more connected areas where wildlife can thrive.

Minorca Woods lies close to the River Mease Special Area of Conservation and as well as benefitting woodland species directly, the tree planting will also help reduce agricultural runoff into this internationally important watercourse.

Trees dedicated by individuals will also be planted at Minorca Woods over the coming years.

If you would like to Dedicate a tree in recognition of someone special or as a gift, find out more, here.

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