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Whistlewood Common: creating a sustainable community

 Whistlewood Common is more than just a woodland; it’s a community garden, wildlife meadow and vibrant hub of activities and learning. A field shelter serves as an outdoor classroom, hosting workshops on greenwood working and other crafts. Yoga sessions, campfire suppers, and even camping nights offer a space for relaxation and connection with nature. 

19 Apr 2024

Whistlewood Common is a perfect example of what community-led efforts can achieve in addressing environmental challenges within their own backyard. Here, permaculture principles guide every aspect of the site's design and operation, fostering sustainability and connection with the natural world. Listen as, Graham Truscott, the co-founder and director explains how The National Forest has been a vital partner in Whistlewood Common's journey.  

If you're a community group or landowner with aspirations to create something similar, the National Forest stands ready to offer support. Our grants, advice, and unwavering commitment to sustainability are at the heart of projects like Whistlewood Common. Together, we can create a brighter, healthier future where sustainability and connection with nature are at the forefront. 

So far, we have planted 9 million trees in the National Forest. If you want to part of growing a greener future but don’t own land, you can still support this work by making a donation or helping us create more woodlands by dedicating a tree.

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