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Here in the National Forest there are a range of unique activities to encourage your team to switch off from the fast-paced, tech-heavy world and channel their inner creativity whilst under the canopy.  Have a go at beekeeping or crafting a greenwood chair or how about making your own shelter and learning how to cook wild food? All these woodland crafts are exclusive to the National Forest and are a great way to enhance concentration, individual thinking, build confidence and leadership development, as well as create a sense of achievement. These imaginative experiences will leave a lasting impact on your team and build new skills to last a lifetime.


Some of the activities

Bee Keeping

Delve into the secret world of bees and learn about their history, biology and lifecycle, as well as the chance to experience a look inside a live beehive.

Shelter Building

This is the ultimate team-building test! Work together to build a waterproof shelter by gathering woodland materials.

Woodland Crafts

Learn useful and creative skills across a range of woodland crafts including, willow weaving, basket making, Windsor chair making, spoon carving, bowl turning and more. 

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We offer a unique, bespoke service tailored to your individual needs whether you’re a group of four or 40, looking for team building, leadership development, confidence building skills, or just time outside to reconnect once again we can help.  Once you’ve decided when you’d like to escape, then get in touch to discuss your objectives, budgets and timescales and we can create the right package for your business needs.



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