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Spending time in nature can reduce stress, increase wellbeing and help teams to thrive.  Here in the National Forest there’s no better place to escape the pressures of everyday life and reconnect with the natural world. Let forest bathing revitalise your team, by taking a moment to get fully immersed in the forest and just be present in nature. Taking time to reconnect helps to boost health and wellbeing, refreshes and reboots the mentality of your team, so they’re ready to face the next challenge ahead. You will also have the time to reflect and consider the positive impact you can make as an organisation through conservation and environment activities which align to your organisation’s CSR objectives.




Some of the activities

Forest Bathing & Meditation

Forest bathing, a Japanese practice known as Shinrin Yoku, is a simple way to boost health and wellbeing by connecting with trees and nature.Immerse yourself in a forest setting and be present with the natural world. It's a wonderful way to calm the senses in a busy world.


Give your time and make a difference by volunteering across a range of activities including habitat building, litter picking and woodland management.

Forest Management

Give back to the environment and learn a new skill in forest management as you help with a range of techniques including, coppicing, assisting with tree felling and maintenance of walking trails.

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We offer a unique, bespoke service tailored to your individual needs whether you’re a group of four or 40, looking for team building, leadership development, confidence building skills, or just time outside to reconnect once again we can help.  Once you’ve decided when you’d like to escape, then get in touch to discuss your objectives, budgets and timescales and we can create the right package for your business needs.



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