These woods are a partnership between the Forestry Commission and a number of partners and sponsors, with the aim of creating community woodlands that can be enjoyed by all. 

Alistairs Wood

Alistair's Wood is a community woodland planted in March 2003. Formerly part of the Dog Lount Mine opencast coal mining site the land was restored to agricultural production in the late 1940's. This 34 hectare wood has now been planted with native broadleaf species such as oak, ash and birch to complement the mature hedgerow and roadside trees already present making it a peaceful place in which families can walk. Avenues of fruit and nut trees have also been planted including apple, pear and walnut providing colour all year round.

Bignall's Wood

Bignall’s Wood is the newest of the three woods. It was planted in early 2005, and is named after the family that used to farm the land.

Jaguar Lount Wood

This unique 72 hectare woodland was created between 2001 and 2004 with sponsorship from Jaguar Cars. It is the largest area of walnut planted in Britain. Eventually the beautifully marked timber from these trees will provide high quality veneers for cars and furniture.