Dedicate a grove

Dedicate a grove

By dedicating a grove in the National Forest you are supporting the creation of new woodland and helping to secure the long-term future of the Forest for everyone.

Your grove

We are offering the opportunity to support the planting of a complete woodland grove as your contribution to the creation of the National Forest. ‘Groves’ are groups of trees separate from the main woodland, designed to create an open woodland landscape. They vary in size between 200 and 600+ trees. 

A lasting legacy

A grove dedication in the National Forest remains active for 25 years, allowing time for your new trees to establish and grow into mature woodland. All woodlands are planted with sustainability in mind, using mixed broadleaf species, and tailoring the mix to the soil type, topography, and landscape. This ensures new trees have the best chance to establish, but also helps to make sure the woodland is rich in wildlife and is a positive contribution to the environment. 


Location of your grove

Groves are planted on sites within the National Forest and are owned by us. We can sometimes pass ownership of sites to like-minded organisations operating in the Forest (such as the Forestry Commission) to be managed as woodland. If this happens, any dedications or other special features of the site are recorded and included in any transfer of ownership. Groves are planned so they fit well with the character of the surrounding area and are designed to create interesting pathways that can be enjoyed by visitors to the site. Get in touch to find out where we are currently planting. 

Recognising your grove

Should you wish to, each grove comes with the option to place a discreet brass plaque on-site, featuring a special message of your choice. 


I am proud to be naming a grove in memory of my father and my family. I was born in Coalville and remember the area as a coalfield – so different to the green landscape I see now when I am walking the National Forest Way.”

John Swanwick

Frequently asked questions

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