The National Forest partners with Burleighs to create woodland-inspired gin

20th Oct 2021
bottle of national forest gin

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Burleighs to create a National Forest inspired gin. A unique botanical recipe that encompasses the true spirit of our rolling landscape.

Expertly crafted in a copper-pot still, the National Forest Gin is a vibrant, earthy creation featuring elderflower, blackberries and wild cherry. Using the signature Burleighs recipe as a base, this is a classic gin with bold juniper and zesty citrus perfectly complemented by the authentic flavours of the forest.

Situated in the National Forest, Burleighs have always been inspired by the beauty of their historic surroundings. With the distillery based in the famous Charnwood Forest, they are surrounded by rocky outcrops, gnarled oak trees and panoramic views. Established in 2014, Burleighs Gin have been at the forefront of the craft distilling revolution. An innovative and forward-thinking brand, Burleighs has established itself in a highly competitive gin market with its unique offering.

Inspired by the work of the National Forest, Burleighs Gin has embarked on its own mission to become more sustainable. It has introduced biodegradable and recyclable packaging to complement its existing solar powered electricity, and all glass bottles and cardboard boxes at the site are recycled via a comprehensive recycling system.  

Bold and always authentic, every single bottle of Burleighs Gin is hand-crafted and distilled on their beautiful copper pot still. It is the design of the still, careful sourcing of ingredients and great skill of the distiller that all contribute to the smooth nature of their products.

The National Forest gin can be enjoyed with a simple elderflower tonic or combined with lemon juice, sugar syrup and Crème De Mure, garnished with fresh blackberries, to create a National Forest Bramble.

Each bottle of Burleighs National Forest Gin sold will help support the Forest and our vision to grow a better, greener future and allow us to continue to plant trees, care for woodlands and find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our environment, society and economy.

The National Forest gin is available to pre-order now over on the Burleighs website, grab your bottle today at